Regensburg Travel Guide:


Regensburg Shopping

In the city center of Regensburg, there is a huge variety of shops where you can find nearly everything you want.

As Regensburg was hardly destroyed in the wars, there are many shops in old medieval houses which will add to your pleasure.

Of course, you will also have a great time just by wandering around and enjoying the great atmosphere of the city.

In addition, there are two large shopping centers that also might be worth a visit, especially during rainy weather, the Donau Shopping Center (Donaueinkaufszentrum DEZ) and the Regensburg Arcaden:

Donau Shopping Center

In the Donau Shopping Center in the east of Regensburg there are more than 130 shops of all kinds. In addition, there are also cafes and restaurants for having a break when you are tired. As there are many parking spaces available where it is possible to park for free, it is no problem to drive there by car.

Weichser Weg 5
93059 Regensburg
Tel.: 0941/4608-0
Fax: 0941/47738
Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 9.30 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.

Regensburg Arcaden

The Regensburg Arcaden are located near the main station in the Friedenstrasse. They are much newer than the Donau Shopping center. Although car parks are available (that are charged), it is not recommended to drive there by car.

Friedenstr. 23
93053 Regensburg
Tel.: 0941/705560


Regensburg Shopping
City Center in Regensburg