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About Regensburg


About Regensburg

Regensburg - the capital of Upper Palatinate in East Bavaria - is located at three rivers, the Danube, the Naab and the Regen. There are two islands in the city area called "Oberer Wöhrd" and "Unterer Wöhrd".

The name Regensburg is due to the term "Castra Regina" meaning "fortress by the river Regen" which was a Roman fortress in the 2nd century P.D. Therefore, the year 179 P.D. is regarded as the official foundation date of Regensburg, the official foundation document is an inscription in the East Gate of Regenburg that is still there.
As Regensburg is one of the oldest German cities and has hardly been destroyed during the Second World War, there is a huge amount of historic buildings covering a period of almost 2000 years most of which are located in the historic city center. For example, there are buildings of ancient Roman, Romanesque, Gothic style, as well as medieval Patrician houses, towers and an incredible amount of churches. The landmarks of Regensburg are the Dome St. Peter as well as the old Stone Bridge from the 12th century.

The colours of Regensburg are red and white; the coat of arms shows two crossed silver keys on a red plate. The keys refer to St. Peter, the patron of Regensburg and St. Peter's church.

In 2006, the entire historic city center of Regensburg became UNESCO world heritage.
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