Regensburg Travel Guide:


Regensburg Nightlife

In this section, we make suggestions where to spend your evenings in Regensburg or - if you are in the mood to party - where parties are carried out regularly.

At first glance, Regensburg with its medieval history and old town would not appear to have a thriving nightlife but with its large student population, Regensburg has a variety of pubs, beer gardens, bars, clubs and live music venues. To find out what is happening locally within Regensburg in terms of entertainment and events, get a copy of the Logo guide.

The club and party scene in Regensburg offers something for everyone depending on the night including techno, hip hop, charts, heavy metal, rock, house and disco. Two of the most popular clubs include Strip 15 and Susie Wong.

For live music, the Theatre Regensburg offers classical music concerts, opera, ballet and drama productions while live gigs by local and international bands takes place at the Alte Mälzerei.