Regensburg Travel Guide:
Gardens & Parks


Regensburg Gardens & Parks



The entire historic city center is surrounded by this green belt that touches the Danube in the east as well as in the west. It originates in the 18th century and is composed of the medieval enclosure of the city and parts of the palace gardens of the Prince Thurn + Taxis.

Dörnbergpark,Stadtpark, Herzogspark

These three large parks are located west of the historic city center.



The Donaupark in the west of Regensburg at the Danube is the largest park in Regensburg and accommodates a public bath (Westbad) and a lake (Westbadweiher).

Königswiesener Park, Georg-Hegenauer-Park,
Karl-Freitag-Park, University Park, Ostpark

All of these parks are located south of the Danube. The Ostpark used to be a place for military exercise.

Hans-Herrmann-Park, Aberdeen Park, Tempe Park

These are the parks north of the Danube.


The Inselpark is on the island "Obere Wöhrd".


This garden at the Frankenstr. is famous for its strange sculptures.