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Thurn + Taxis Palace

The Thurn + Taxis palace is located next to the basilica and former monastery St. Emmeram that has been the seat of the Thurn + Taxis dynasty since 1812.

However, the history of the Italian Thurn + Taxis dynasty dates back to the 12th century. In the 16th century, Franz von Taxis organised the postal system for the emperor Maximilian in Habsburg.  At the end of the century, in 1595, the family received the heritable office of the general postmaster (Generalpostmeister) in the German Reich and in South Germany.

During the Perpetual Imperial Diet, Emperor Franz I. appointed Prince Alexander Ferdinand to be Principal Commissioner. When the postal system was nationalised in the 19th century, the dynasty received large compensations. Since the death of Prince Johannis in 1990, his wife Gloria has been the leader of the royal dynasty.

Emmeramsplatz 5
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In the royal museum (Marstallmuseum), you get information on the transport system within the last centuries. The exhibition includes carriages, sleighs, saddles etc.


The palace museum (Schlossmuseum) that was opened in 1998 presents an overview about life from the 17th to the 19th century. The ceiling fresco of the huge library was designed by Cosmas Damian Asam in 1737.
Regensburg Thurn + Taxis Palace
Thurn und Taxis Palace

St. Emmeram

Regensburg St Emmeran
Basilica St. Emmeram
You also should not miss to visit the cloister of the basilica St. Emmeram.

The originally Romanesque church St. Emmeram that was redesigned later in baroque style used to be part of the former convent St. Emmeran. Now, it belongs to the palace Thurn & Taxis. Also worth a visit is the adjacent church St. Ruprecht.